Savorful Dessert Made From Sugar and Milk

October 31, 2021 , Sweets


Sweets are a very important part of all cultures around the world. Sweets have been discovered as far back as the 5th century BC, from Egypt and Greece. In Europe, however, sweets were not introduced until the Middle Ages, when they were first made from sugarcane, which was refined by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

Sweets are one of the main articles of food that we eat every day. In America, sweets are a great part of their diets, as they do not cause a lot of weight gain over time. In addition to this, desserts such as chocolate ice cream and sherbets are also very popular, particularly for kids. The American Dietetic Association claims that many people from the United States, Europe, and Australia eat sweets on a daily basis, which accounts for their high popularity.

There are many countries around the world who have different sweet traditions, but most of them are sweet desserts such as cookies and buns. In Japan, for example, they are deep-fried, while China uses a more complicated method for making sweets. The Chinese use a type of liquid vegetable as an intermediary between the sweetener and the flavor, called xiao long liu, or white flower long liu. In Japan, however, they use a special type of flour. It must be baked in a special oven, and its texture is similar to that of walnut. Finally, most of the dessert made by the Chinese is custard.